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 Quality criteria 

The quality criteria are principles or standards that help you assess how effective and successful you are in the different competence areas. Each criterion describes the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes desired.

TCD learning dimensions quality criteria
TCD learning dimensions indicators

 Quality indicators 

The indicators are apparent elements and behaviours that demonstrate that you meet the 

quality criteria. 


They describe actions and reactions expressed in terms of:


  • ways of thinking and approaching a task (applying knowledge),
  • ways of doing things (putting skills into practice),
  • ways of expressing emotions or attitudes.

 Competence areas 

The competence model contains seven different competence areas, each with quality criteria and indicators.

The competence areas are:

TCD competence model facilitating learning process

Facilitating learning

TCD competence model learning to learn

Learning to learn

TCD competence model designing educational training

Designing programmes


Collaborating in teams

TCD competence model communicating meaningfully

Communicating meaningfully

TCD competence model Intercultural

Displaying intercultural sensitivity

TCD competence model Being civically engaged

Being civically engaged

 Beneath the surface 

Underneath the competences and indicators lies something more – something that is difficult to grasp. It is a kind of inner readiness that allows the competences to ‘’surface’ or to be expressed in the ‘here and now’. This inner readiness is linked to authenticity and intuition. 

Call it magic.



refers to the degree to which you are in tune with the nature of your work. It means your training work needs to be in line with who you are and what you believe in. Authenticity is a genuine inner characteristic of what we do and how we do things.


The magical element…

Some indicators in the competence model are based on intuition, which is often an essential success factor in your training. Intuition brings the best out of your knowledge, skills and attitudes. So even if you tick off each indicator in the competence model, there is that extra ‘magic element’ that makes everything fall into the right place at the right time. An open mind and leaving space for intuition are therefore two important attitudes to have no matter which competence is tackled.

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