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Contributing actively to team tasks + -


Knowledge of the tasks of the team


  • Knows how to orientate and relate their efforts to the tasks of the team

Skill to clarify roles and responsibilities in the team

  • Masters methods and techniques to support a clear and fair division of roles and responsibilities
  • Promotes communication and cooperation amongst team members to show qualities and overcome resistance

Openness to tasks that are not necessarily part of their usual role

  • Dares to be challenged and to take on new roles and responsibilities
  • Requests and offers support when needed
  • Looks for additional resources where needed
Being willing to take on responsability + -


Knowledge of one’s possibilities and limits in the context of educational activity


  • Analyses and identifies their own resources and limits in the context of the activity

Skill to ensure that roles and responsibilities are properly distributed in the team

  • Ensures that knowledge and skills in the team are shared and communicated
  • Contributes to team members’ well-being with regard to the tasks to be performed

Openness and readiness to accept challenges

  • Challenges their own competences
  • Follows through with new tasks to ensure safety for the team members and learners
Encouraging and involving other team members + -



Knowledge of the resources of team members


  • Demonstrates an understanding of team competences

Skill to involve other team members

  • Coaches colleagues – where possible and necessary – based on the approach to non-formal learning (e.g., if requested)
  • Encourages colleagues
  • Facilitates team spirit and trust

Skill to foster cooperation among team members

  • Applies teamwork mechanisms, online collaboration and communication tools
  • Balances working styles and preferences
  • Challenges colleagues where necessary and appropriate
  • Highlights everyone’s strengths

Curiosity and goodwill towards the team members

  • Shows genuine interest in and support for team members
Learning with and from others + -



Awareness of the learning potential others can offer and of the principles of ‘to get and to give’


  • Acknowledges colleagues’ learning potential and makes best use of it

Willingness to cooperate and learn from colleagues who may have different values

  • Cooperates and learns from colleagues who may have different values

Openness towards sharing one’s own potential and curiosity about others’ resources

  • Shares their own ideas and resources and shows interest in other team members’ ideas and resources
  • Asks for support and recognises personal limitations
  • Supports colleagues’ learning needs
Being aware of the team processes and how they affect the team's effectiveness + -



Knowledge of team processes and their influence on team effectiveness


  • Refers to team processes and their potential influence on team effectiveness

Skill to recognise team processes during team work and to adjust them accordingly

  • Manages tailor-made team work processes

Openness to team processes and recognition of their importance

  • Shows an interest in the team process and does not ignore any team work issues
Managing disagreements constructively + -



Knowledge of the theories and concepts of constructive communication (e.g., social intelligence, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, etc.)


  • Refers to these theories and concepts to understand and explain disagreement

Skill to recognise disagreements and apply specific ways and methods for dealing with disagreements

  • Recognises disagreements and applies various ways to deal with them
  • Drives collective and individual emotions towards a resolution
  • Receives and phrases criticism respectfully, honestly and constructively
  • Listens to and expresses emotions in a team work context

Genuine curiosity about colleagues with different values, beliefs and world views

  • Listens to others and learns from their differences
  • Asks questions to understand what is behind different values, beliefs and world views

Tolerance for interpersonal tensions and openness to deal with disagreements

  • Deals with frustration in a constructive manner
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