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TCD publication tools to get started

Tools to get started

This publication provides practical tools and methods to experiment with the competence model for trainers working at an international level and their quality criteria and indicators. Learn how to use the competence model in different ways and for a variety of purposes. Use it for your competence-based training work and help us to refine it. The competence model has great potential. It is yours to explore!


TCD methods tools publication

Practical tools and methods

This publication is a collection of seven tools and their step-by-step implementation process for you to apply in your practice, adapted to the relevant competences. The toolbox covers working and experimenting in teams, curriculum development and assessment of acquired competences.

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In the frame of the European Training Strategy, the SALTO Training & Cooperation Resource Centre, together with the network of National Agencies, organises a series of courses on the different competence areas and learning dimensions of the models. The courses support the competence development of youth workers and trainers as well as empower them to use the models in their own practice, developing their own learning curricula. 

TCD courses

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Who is a trainer? What is quality training? What do we mean when we say competence development? Explore our curated list of terms, defining various elements mentioned through these materials. These definitions are the basis for all the resources provided through the ETS.

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