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networking advocating attitudes

The single attitudes are summarised in different headlines that illustrate what “networking and advocating” means for youth workers attitude-wise. The “clusters” do not name attitudes as such; these can be found through clicking on the lists.

Partnerships are at the core of networks. + -

Therefore, helpful attitudes are:

  • willingness to collaborate with other actors and stakeholders
  • appreciation of the added value of new partnerships and collaboration opportunities
Collaboration also needs negotiation and agreement. + -

This is be expressed through :

  • readiness to be confronted with other views and work approaches
  • readiness to accept compromise while guaranteeing young people’s interests and rights
  • readiness to embrace solidarity as a concept that treats people as equals
Keeping an eye on the well-being of everyone involved in a project is very important. + -

An important attitude is:

  • care regarding young people’s safety and well-being (and of everyone involved)

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