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Facilitating Learning behaviors

The single behaviours are summarised in different headlines that illustrate what “facilitating learning” means for youth workers behaviour-wise. The “cluster headlines” do not name behaviours as such; these can be found through clicking on the lists.

Supporting young people in their learning processes means above all to motivate and empower them. + -

In doing so, youth workers:

  • respect ethical boundaries
  • acknowledge the experiences of others
  • raise awareness of the ‘power of change’ 
  • generate trust, maintain confidentiality, and respect (data) privacy 
  • are honest, respectful and transparent
  • recognise their own feelings and values and role-model this process to others
  • create a supportive environment to act on values, both in residential and online settings
Youth workers encourage interaction within the group. + -

Therefore, they:

  • foster democratic behaviour and encourage participants to actively engage and share their critical voice 
  • support young people in dealing with crisis situations in a fair and constructive manner
  • encourage and actively support collective actions
  • confidently and constructively challenge a ‘them and us’ mindset
Youth workers develop an approach to reach the aims and objectives of the learning process. + -

This means they:

  • are target-oriented, wanting to reach educational aims
  • use ways and methods that specifically encourage creativity, problem-solving and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking in different learning spaces
Learning environments need youth workers to show a certain flexibility to adapt to the learners’ needs. + -

In doing so, youth workers:

  • recognise the importance of improvisation and experimentation
  • have the courage to improvise and experiment
  • address factors that support and block creativity
  • are OK with imperfections, failures and mistakes

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