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assessing evaluating behaviors

The single behaviours are summarised in different headlines that illustrate what “assessing and evaluating” means for youth workers behaviour-wise. The “cluster headlines” do not name behaviours as such; these can be found through clicking on the lists.

A belief in young peoples’ ability to engage and participate is crucial to what youth workers do. + -

Thus, a supportive attitude means:

  • to trust in young people’s potential
  • to trust in young people’s competences for meaningful participation and change-making.
Civic engagement calls for curiosity, reflection and awareness of one’s values and social status and generally of societal developments and politics. + -

Thus, helpful attitudes are:

  • a readiness to critically reflect on one’s values
  • a readiness to critically reflect on one’s perception of privilege, personal motives and urge for social and political action 
  • curiosity about political and social developments, including research and fact-checking of information obtained online.
Civic engagement means action - to take a stance and to behave in the face of injustice and other political or societal issues + -

Corresponding attitudes are

  • a readiness to stand up and speak out when social injustice occurs, no matter the perpetrator or the victim
  • a readiness to engage with relevant political and social processes and the life of the community and society(ies).

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