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intercultural sensitivity skills

the single skills are summarised in different headlines that illustrate what “displaying intercultural sensitivity” means for youth workers skill-wise. The “cluster headlines” do not name skills as such; these can be found through clicking on the lists.

Youth workers handle identity-related aspects within groups and between individuals. + -

They can benefit from being able to:

  • raise awareness about each other within the group
  • work with interrelated dimensions of culture and identity
  • handle information about or in the group which means applying, analysing and evaluating the available information
  • deal with ambiguity and change
Interaction in (diverse) groups can be challenging in many aspects. + -

Thus, youth workers need to have the ability to:

  • deal with tension and conflict
  • initiate critical reflection
  • recognise discrimination and understand discrimination mechanisms in order to react properly
To deal methodically with intercultural group processes and how diversity is handled in our societies. + -

Youth workers also need skills to:

  • address issues of diversity, identity, culture, and discrimination
  • address human rights topics through different methods (human rights education)

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