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intercultural sensitivity attitudes

The single attitudes are summarised in different headlines that illustrate what “displaying intercultural sensitivity” means for youth workers attitude-wise. The “clusters” do not name attitudes as such; these can be found through clicking on the lists.

Ambiguity is part of intercultural experiences. + -

For youth workers the following attitudes can help:

  • openness towards the unexpected
  • openness towards ambiguity in the group
  • openness towards ambiguity in the learning process
  • awareness that culture is a dynamic and multifaceted process 
The backgrounds of people influence how they express their identities and look at others. + -

Corresponding attitudes are:

  • willingness to look at identity and culture from different perspectives 
  • readiness to support young people to express their identities, though being aware of the possible implications, especially online
  • readiness to reflect on one’s own in-/out-groups and how they impact feeling and acting in solidarity
  • readiness to go beyond stereotypes in people representation, especially when producing digital media
  • being aware that specific groups such as online communities have precise identities and behaviours to comprehend when reaching out and interacting
Aspects of identity and culture can lead to challenging power relations, discrimination and conflicts. + -

Therefore, important attitudes are:

  • readiness to confront others and be confronted in a respectful and constructive way
  • willingness to support and empower individuals and groups 
  • empathy towards people who hold different values and worldviews – beyond in-groups, bubbles and circles
  • carefulness not to use methods which implicitly reinforce stereotypes and discrimination mechanisms 
  • commitment to address and challenge the ‘them and us’ mindset in a group
  • perceiving solidarity as a fully inclusive concept that applies to all humans, as well as our planet

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