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communicating meaningfully attitudes

The single attitudes are summarised in different headlines that illustrate what “communicating meaningfully” means for youth workers attitude-wise. The “clusters” do not name attitudes as such; these can be found through clicking on the lists.

Youth workers deal with the various ways persons act and are, and how they show their feelings. + -

Helpful attitudes are:

  • openness to expressions of feelings and emotions (one’s own and those of others)
  • readiness to take a step back and reflect (e.g. on one’s own perceptions, understanding and feelings)
  • willingness to learn about the backgrounds, contexts, and realities of the young people
  • awareness of different ways to share feelings, emotions, and opinions, both online and offline
The fact that there is always diversity in groups requires further attitudes. + -

These attitudes could be:

  • sensitivity and openness to diversity
  • awareness of the unique yet complex approach to one’s identity and how to deal with it when working in a group
Relationships and solidarity with individuals and groups are prerequisites for meaningful communication. + -

Attitudes that can support that are:

  • confidence and courage to act in solidarity
  • commitment to address and challenge a “them and us” mindset in a group
  • awareness of the different ways to show solidarity
  • commitment to critically reflect on different sources of information

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